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Termites represent a real issue that plagues thousands of households and businesses every year. It's estimated that Australia's termite damage bill is sitting at around $1.5 billion each year, and such a number keeps rising.

The scary thing about termites is that they are silent destroyers. They eat their way through your house's structure, without revealing themselves. So, by the time you figure out that something might be wrong, it's already too late.

Termites feed on the cellulose component of the wood. Even if your house is constructed on concrete infrastructure, you're not in the clear, as termites can still damage your insulation and roof supports.

Active Termite Control offers comprehensive services that help you identify termite infestations early on, and deal with them before the damage gets out of hand.

Our professionals are trained to conduct a thorough inspection, leaving no stone unturned. Once a termite problem is identified, we'll walk you through the best course of action and offer you a variety of treatment services that address your termite problem once and for all.

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Our Professional Termite Control Services

At Active Termite Control, we have years of experience under our belts in dealing with different pests, especially termites.
Our services range from conducting thorough inspections to identify any termite activities, develop treatment plans to eradicate any infestations, in addition to helping you create a termite protection plan before your property is even constructed. Let's take a more in-depth look into our expansive slate of services.

Termite Inspection

What sets Active Termite Control apart from the competition is our ability to detect any potential termite activities before they even bubble to the surface. The tricky part about dealing with such silent property destroyers is identifying the calm before the storm. Once the damage is done, it doesn't take a trained eye to tell that your property has termite activity.

So, early detection is key to our operation, and this is made possible by our team's expansive knowledge and expertise in the field, in addition to the use of the latest technology to boost our accuracy. For instance, thermal imaging cameras give our team some sort of x-ray vision to detect termites behind walls and beneath the floor.

To ensure that no corner is missed while inspecting your house for termites, we deploy a systematic inspection strategy that covers all nooks and crannies. We work our way through all your walls, roof, and floor to ensure the interior of your house is safe and termite-free.

Furthermore, we take our time to check the exteriors as well, including fences, gates, back yard, shed, garage, and deck. Once we've thoroughly swept your house, we provide you with a written report, highlighting the outcomes of our investigation.

Even if we found that your house is free from any termite activity, our investigation doesn't come to an end just yet. We also help you pinpoint any vulnerable areas that can potentially be a thriving environment for termites down the line. 

Water leakage, moisture build-up, and inadequate ventilation are some alarming signs that need proper management to prevent termites from taking over. Regular house maintenance might sound like a big investment; nevertheless, it will save you tons of money spent on repairs for the catastrophic damages caused by termites.

Termite Treatment

Once the inspection process is complete, it's time to put together an effective termite treatment plan for your house. It's worth noting that all the treatments we use are completely safe for children and pets, so you won't have to worry about any potential hazards on your little ones.

At Active Termite Control, we can build an integrated reticulation system that not only addresses your current termite problems but also prevents any subsequent termite attacks down the line.

Installing the reticulation system isn't the end of the line for us, as our expert team will put together a maintenance plan to ensure your system is up and running down the line with no issues or inconveniences.

We're also proud of our termite barriers that make your house an off-limits zone for white ants. Whether you go for chemical or physical barriers, you'll get the peace of mind you deserve, knowing that termites can't make a comeback once they've eradicated from your house.

It's worth noting that all our services come with warranties, just to show you how confident we are in our termite solutions and that we're willing to go the extra mile to give you the most value for your money.

Termite Prevention

An estimated 1 in 3 houses in Sydney can be affected by termites throughout their lifetime, making the odds pretty high. For this reason, pre-construction termite prevention is crucial, and it has even become a selling point for people looking for new homes in Australia.

The very soil on which your house sits can be a hiding spot for termite colonies. Subterranean termites build their intricate nests underneath the ground, and they keep burrowing new tunnels in their search for wood.

So, our pre-construction termite prevention services include testing the foundation of your future house and applying anti-termite treatment deep in the soil. Through proper insecticide application, our Active Termite Control team ensures that your house is constructed on a termite-free land.

We work closely with architects and contractors and give them some insight into making your house more termite-proof. Simple design considerations can make a huge difference in the efforts to keep termites off your home, so we coordinate with the construction team, in order not to miss such an opportunity.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that all our services are fully licensed, and our termite treatment products come with health certificates that meet the latest insecticide standards to ensure your safety.

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I was totally satisfied with the thorough job Nick did on our converted warehouse. I highly recommend his professional services. He is an excellent communicator and on time. Call me next year Nick!

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Very professionally service. Always on time and polite. Great knowledge and product used is efficient and safe for children. Always has been reliable, very helpful and will continue to use.Good price and Will recommend anytime!
Thank you Nick!

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Nick is an absolute professional. He completed a thorough termite inspection of our house as well as a pest treatment. We have been very happy with this service and would highly recommend this company.

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Nick is very thorough and professional and a really nice person to deal with. I highly recommend him.

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Nick is excellent, very knowledgeable, and has excellent customer service. Recommended!

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I had them treat a cockroach infestation and boy was I surprised at the results! Haven’t seen a cockroach over a year! Also I have birds and dogs (inside) and the guys were very good and ensured there safety!

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