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At Active Termite Control, we offer a wide variety of services that help you make your property an off-limits zone for termites. Thorough inspection visits, detailed reporting, and vulnerable areas detection are all integral to our termite prevention services.

Furthermore, we also offer pre-construction termite control plans to solve the problem at its roots. Why wait for your home to be at risk while you can apply anti-termite measures before the first brick of your house is laid down?

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At Active Termite Control, we deliver comprehensive anti-termite services that include thorough inspection, effective termite treatment plans, ongoing monitoring for termite activity, in addition to the installation of physical and chemical barriers. Let's explore some of the termite protection services that we provide!

Termite Protection Services

Termite Monitoring

Termite monitoring is key to ensure that whenever the white ants make a comeback into your property, so will we. Our expert technicians will carefully place unobtrusive bait stations around the perimeters of your house and monitor termite activity across its different areas.

In addition to functioning as a reliable monitoring tool down the line once your termite problem is over, the bait stations can help in developing a tailored termite control plan. The stations that show the most activity will guide our specialists to apply more vigorous measures in those areas of the house.

This way, you won't be spending unnecessary money on termiticides that you don't need, as all the treatments we implement are precisely calculated and targeted to the areas where termite colonies exist.

Termite Physical Barriers

Physical barriers can be an effective long-term solution for houses that are under construction. The interwoven mesh is used as part of your house's slab foundation and creates a seal that prevents subterranean termites from burrowing their way into your home.

The effectiveness of the termite physical barrier depends on the expertise of the technicians who apply it, and we're proud of our Active Termite Control team. Our technicians have years of experience under their belts and integrate the latest anti-termite technologies in their operation for added efficiency and effectiveness.

Termite Chemical Barriers

On the other hand, chemical barriers are more versatile, as they can be applied in already existing houses. Trenches are built around the entire perimeter of your property, and the termiticide is applied into such channels.

Our technicians can monitor the levels and concentration of the anti-termite treatments, so we can accurately schedule follow up measures when you need them. It's also worth noting that chemical barriers are more cost-friendly to maintain down the line. 

Termite Reticulation System

At Active Termite Control, we take the chemical barrier control measures one step further with our full-fledged termite reticulation system. The system is made of a network of pipes that extends under your house’s concrete slab, behind the walls, and around the whole perimeter of the property.

This way, the house's foundation is always accessible through the pipe system, so the process of the reapplication of the chemical barrier becomes as seamless as flipping a switch. 

Nevertheless, the termite reticulation system should be integrated into the construction plans early on. The great thing about this pipe network is that it only requires a one-time installation, and afterwards, the termiticide dispersion becomes an automated process with zero hassles.

 How to Protect Your House from Termites?

There are some simple measures that you can follow to ensure your house is well-protected against termites. Our knowledgeable Active Termite Control technicians will walk you through the most useful tips based on the house investigation results of the termite inspection visits.

Here are some useful tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Address any water leakage: This includes repairing any cracked water pipes, especially those connected to your heater, as moisture and heat create the perfect conditions for termites to thrive in.
  • Use termite-treated timber: The wooden posts and fences surrounding your house should all be made of termite-treated timber. You don't want termites to swarm your front and back yards, as the next step will be your house itself.
  • Remove dead plants from your garden: Decaying tree stumps can be the perfect spot for termites to thrive. As you might know, termites feed on cellulose found in plants and wood. For this reason, you need to pay close attention to your garden's wellbeing and regularly remove any dead plants and debris.
  • Don't keep excess cardboard in your attic or basement: Paper and cardboard are rich in cellulose as well, so if you store cardboard boxes in a damp, poorly ventilated area like an attic or a basement, they can attract termites.
  • Carefully plan any building alterations or extensions: Any new construction work in your house can make all your previous anti-termite measures ineffective. For instance, the physical termite barrier running underneath your house's foundation can get cracked and give way for termites to pass through.
  • Repair any wall cracks or holes in your house's concrete slab: All such openings represent potential entry points for termites into your house, so you should take your house maintenance seriously.
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Nick is an absolute professional. He completed a thorough termite inspection of our house as well as a pest treatment. We have been very happy with this service and would highly recommend this company.

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Nick is very thorough and professional and a really nice person to deal with. I highly recommend him.

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I had them treat a cockroach infestation and boy was I surprised at the results! Haven’t seen a cockroach over a year! Also I have birds and dogs (inside) and the guys were very good and ensured there safety!

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