Termite Barrier Sydney

What is a Termite Barrier?

A Termite barrier is a form of protection. A pest technician installs them to new or old homes.

There are two types of Termite Barriers:

  • New construction projects use Physical barriers. Check out Termite Protection.
  • Chemical Barrier involves treating the areas of existing structures. We then treat the soil with Termiticide. As a result, termites die before causing damage.

Chemical Termite Barrier Application

A Technician digs a trench along the external walls of the house. He then treats the trench with termiticide and restores soil.

Concrete areas are treated by drilling holes to reach the soil. We then treat each hole and plug them.

The foundation walls in the Sub-floor are then treated. Each wall and pier is trenched and treated.

A Termite barrier takes 1-2 days to install. Pets and people should stay clear during the application. However, after the treatments completed, everything is safe.

Pest inspections are essential to in ensuring the barrier is working correctly. It is recommend to conduct one every 12 months.

There are two types of chemical barriers, repellent barriers, and non-repellent barriers. 

What is a Repellent Barrier?

A repellent barrier kills termites quickly. However, the colony will survive. A colony can have over 1 million termites.

Eventually, termites find gaps in the treatment. Repellent barriers need to stay continues to be effective. Landscaping may cause lapses in the barrier.

Chemicals such as Bifenthrin are repellent.

What is a non-repellent Barrier

Non-Replants don’t kill termites straight away. It instead infects them with a virus. Once infected it will transfer the virus to others. After a period of time, the colony collapses.

A Non-repellent chemical barrier is the most frequently in use today. A commonly used chemical is Fipronil, and the brand we use is Termidor.

How long does a barrier last?

A Termite Barrier last up to 10 Years and come with a warranty. Home owners will still need to conduct a yearly Termite Inspection.

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