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Jacinta Adamson
Jacinta Adamson
10:49 01 Jul 20
Nick is an absolute professional. He completed a thorough termite inspection of our house as well as a pest treatment.... We have been very happy with this service and would highly recommend this company.read more
Christopher Wilborn
Christopher Wilborn
21:49 05 May 20
You can tell Nick (the owner) is a great guy. Highly responsive, stands by his product/service and he even remembered... my little boy's name, which goes a long way with me!read more
Hanumani Shanti
Hanumani Shanti
05:31 11 Mar 20
Hi Nick, thanks for your friendly and timely service, your thorough termite inspection, and your efficient pest... spraying! I will certainly use your services again and will highly recommend you.read more
Md. Shamsuddoha
Md. Shamsuddoha
20:19 31 Jan 20
Very helpful. Suggestions are honest. Responsible and effective service. Would highly recommend Nick.
Christine Lazaris
Christine Lazaris
08:34 21 Nov 19
I have used Active Termite Control twice this year for two different pest issues and Nicholas has been great. He is... always professional, punctual and very thorough. I would recommend Active Termite for any Pest Control needs.read more
Edward Baueris
Edward Baueris
23:28 05 Nov 19
Very helpful and pleasant to deal with.
Maree Volpato
Maree Volpato
22:46 28 Oct 19
Highly recommended!! Nick is fantastic at what he does, friendly, always on time & affordable!! We had a "pest... emergency" and Nick attended to our issue within an hour!!read more
Melhem Makdessi
Melhem Makdessi
04:58 05 Oct 19
Very professionally service. Always on time and polite. Great knowledge and product used is efficient and safe for... children. Always has been reliable, very helpful and will continue to use.Good price and Will recommend anytime! Thank you Nick!read more
George Harris
George Harris
23:25 12 Sep 19
Best pest control in Sydney!! I called them and they came out straight away! Highly recommend!! Thank you guys :)
Jianni Tien
Jianni Tien
21:00 06 Aug 19
We moved into a new house last year and the previous owners gave me Nick's number and told me he had been helping them... with termite/pest control for years and that he was good and reliable. I called Nick up after we were settled and he came and walked me through all the specificities to do with termites and other pests at the property. Super friendly and lovely and professional. We'll keep using Nick into the future.read more
Ben  Rogan
Ben Rogan
06:30 29 Jan 19
Over the phone Nick was able to walk me through typical termite infestations and what it might look like. Great service... and friendly.read more
Co Tran
Co Tran
15:52 07 Nov 18
Found Nick from Google and called him for a quote of termite inspection as I hadn't got one done since purchasing my... house. His quote is one of the cheapest that I found and he offered to do inspection on the granny flat at back with no extra charge. Nick arrived on time and was really thorough with his job. He showed me the areas of concern and what I could do to minimise the risk of termite infestation. Happened to ask him for a quote of pest control just for next year as I already had one done last week and his quote was unbelievably affordable. Definitely recommend his service!read more
Doreen Avramides
Doreen Avramides
02:36 24 Oct 18
Great service. Got my house sprayed 12 months ago and still very effective.
Mohammad Choukeir
Mohammad Choukeir
23:00 14 Aug 18
Nick Got recommended to me from a friend. That friend said that nick is very honest and trust worthy. And what a... champion he is. His work is very good. And doesnt disappoint. Called me 1 week latter to check up if we seen anything and said if i see anything he will come back. Keep up the good workread more
Daniel Bishay
Daniel Bishay
23:47 11 Jun 18
I would highly recommend Nick from ATC to anyone. On time, efficient and gets the job done. Great service.
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Understanding Termite Colonies

Understanding termites is the first step for termite control. Termites are usually grouped in colonies. Each colony will have a king and queen, which form a single pair of reproductives. The pair produces pheromones, the scent that signals it is time to nest and mate. This scent is spread throughout the colony.

It is meant to stop the worker termites from turning into reproductive adults. The queen starts the colony by laying eggs until it reaches a specific size. She then allows some termites that are yet to mature to grow into secondary queens and lay more eggs to keep the colony growing. 

The pair of reproductives: the king and the queen have a longer lifespan of about 15 to 25 years. If any of them dies or the colony grows in size, then the concentration levels and type of pheromone released changes. One or several worker termites will molt to reproductive termites (alates).

Termite colonies are made up of workers, soldiers, the queen, and the reproducers. Let’s have a look at them and the role each plays.

  • The Workers- They are mostly wingless and have a soft body. The workers make up the largest group in most termite colonies and can mostly be seen when one tampers with infested wood or surfaces. Their role is to take care of eggs and nymph, search for food, and take care of the colony structures. 
  • The Reproducers– Their only role is to procreate. Reproducers have a different appearance compared to other termites in the colony because they have darker bodies. They also have two pairs of wings that are equal in size when mature. The reproducers will shed their wings after a swarming flight to set up their own colony. 
  • The Soldiers– Their primary role is to protect the colony and defend it from predators. They are usually large and have a darker head. 
  • The Queen– The queen is usually larger in appearance, and her primary role is to lay eggs. She can lay up to a thousand eggs in a single day.

Such information is essential in helping you to understand how termites operate. You will also have a smooth time during their extermination process. Termite infestation in your home is dangerous to your structures and health at large. 

They are known to damage wooden structures by feeding on them. This will leave them weak, and you may be forced to spend a lot of money on repairs and replacements. Termites also feed on concrete walls and can leave a trail of damage behind.

Apart from structural damage, these pests also pose several risks to your health. You are likely to contract different respiratory infections if you are battling termite infestation in your home. This is because of the fine particles produced from their nests. 

Inhaling such particles increases your chances of contracting respiratory conditions such as asthma. Stings from soldier termites can also result in inflammation or leave you in severe pain. You may take some time to heal.

The best thing you can do to prevent damage, and such health risks is exterminating them. You can do this by yourself or hire termite control services. Hiring experts for the job is a better option. We are a termite control service that can do some quality work in your home. 

Our experts can help perform several prevention and extermination practices to exterminate these dangerous insects from your home. You can never go wrong when you choose us. Here is a breakdown of the services we offer.

Termite Control

We also carry out different termite control practices that can help prevent or eliminate these dangerous pests from your home. Here are some termite control practices we can carry out in your home:

  • Baiting- Underground baits are quite effective in preventing termite infestation in your home. Our experts will assess your home and identify the right areas to place these underground baits. Edible termite bait is one of the solutions used by our experts. The edibles used contain poison. 

It is set in strategic areas at the perimeter of your home to attract termites. One termite is expected to consume the poisonous bait before taking it back to share with the colony. After consumption, the poison will take effect on the whole colony before eliminating all the termites. This method is ideal for eradicating underground termites. 

Our experts can also get rid of termites found above the ground easily. The same poisonous bait is placed above ground to attract a single termite that will take it back to the colony. It is one of the most effective methods at our disposal. 

  • Termite Barrier– We can also block termites from getting to your compound completely using the liquid chemical barrier. It is also ideal in preventing them from causing damage ito wooden structures. 

The liquid chemical barricade is used on soil and wood structures. It will stop termites from feeding on your structure. This termite protection method is safe for your pets and other livestock.

These are some of the best and effective termite control services you will get from us. 

Pest infestation in your home is dangerous because it subjects you to several structural  risks. Different types of pests can invade your home, the most popular types being insects and rodents. Examples include wasps, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, flies, rats, and mice. 

Termites are common in most areas and can cause damage to several buildings and structures. These are tiny insects that like feeding on wood and dead plants. They get their nutrients from cellulose, plant matter, and organic fiber in wood.

Termites mostly feed on wood but can also try other materials like plastic, paper, and drywall. Most people usually have a difficult time differentiating termites from ants. The two have a striking resemblance but are totally different. 

Termite infestation can result in a lot of damage in both residential and commercial places. This can even affect the quality of your stay at home and the resale value of your property.

Homes with wooden structures or excess foliage are the most affected by these dangerous insects. You have to understand that different species of termites can invade your home.

 Subterranean termites are the most popular types. Other species that can invade your home include drywood, dampwood, conehead, and Formosan termites.