Termite Inspection Sydney

An annual termite inspection is essential for all homes in Sydney. Active Termite Control has years of experience in detecting termites early. 1 in 3 Sydney homes will experience a termite attack. Early termite detection is critical in limiting the amount of damage. Home insurance does not cover termite damage which can end up costing thousands of $$$. Finding termites isn’t easy work; you need years of experience to know where to look. Along with experience, we use advanced tech to provide extensive termite inspections.

We take Termite Inspections very seriously and leave no stone unturned. Taking our time to inspect ALL areas to find termites or conducive conditions. Our experienced termite inspectors will check:
– All Walls
– Roof Voids
– Sub-floors
– Exterior Walls
– Roof Exterior
– Eves
– Fences and Gates
– Trees and Gardens
– Sheds, Carports, Cubby Houses, Pergolas and Garages
– Retaining Walls and Garden Sleepers
– Decks

After ever crack and crevice is checked, we supply homeowners with a comprehensive written report. All our pest technicians will walk you through and point out vulnerable areas. Our experts will take time to explain how to minimize any risk and solutions to get this done. Some issues we identify are:
– Water Leaks
– Moisture Issues
– Inadequate Ventilation
– Rising Damp
– Drainage issues

What Our Experts Do

During an inspection we use our knowledge and expertise to comprehensively search every crack and crevice of your home. Things our team of experts looks at including mud tubes, mud in construction joints, wood in your property, and wood damage. 

We utilise the latest technology such as a thermal imaging camera to help us detect termites easily. You will get a full report about the status of your home once the inspection is complete. We also recommend several measures you should take for termite protection.

What We Look For

Structural Signs

Termites eat away at the infrastructure of your property; many of the symptoms of termite infestation have to do with the weakening of wood. However, these are:

  • Peeling paint which resembles water damage
  • Discolored walls or ceiling
  • Wood, which sounds hollow upon tapped
  • Jammed or sticking windows.

Our experts develop unique and workable strategies to guarantee your home will stay termite-free. Instead of utilizing inferior baiting methods, we use the best chemical soil treatments for protection against these wood-eating destroyers.