Termite Treatment Sydney

I’ve just done a termite inspection and found termites! What do i do? In this article we explain different types of treatments to help you chose whats best for you and how we do a termite treatment.

  • Termite Monitoring

This involves placing different termite monitoring stations at the perimeter of your home or any other selected area. These monitoring stations contain organic, attractive elements and timber. It is meant to attract termites to the monitoring system. 

Those found infested with termites are laced with a poisonous bait that is supposed to be taken back to the nest where all the termites present will feed on it. This will kill the whole colony. The attractive elements in your termite monitoring system should be regularly replaced to ensure they remain more effective. 

It should be done every three months. All the colonies around your property will be eliminated completely using this method as long as your getting a complete termite inspection every year.

The termite monitoring system is considered effective compared to other procedures like the use of chemicals on the soil. 

Monitoring methods are vital in eliminating the whole colony compared to the use of chemicals, which only gets rid of a few. The other benefit of the termite monitoring program is that it does not expose your pets or other livestock to any dangers. 

Attracting elements and baits used are only meant for termites. This procedure is ideal in areas where spraying and other control methods are not that effective. You can choose to use this control method in your home. 

Our experts can identify some of the best areas within your home or compound to place this monitoring system. This will ensure all the termites in your home are eradicated completely. Here is another great article about termite monitoring.

  • Termite Dusting

It is another termite treatment practice that we conduct. This method involves the blowing of pesticides to termites in a bid to eradicate them. Pesticides used are usually in the form of dust toxicants. It can be applied directly to termites or their bait stations. 

The applied dust is then taken to the colony by termites that have it spread on them. They will affect other termites in their colony within a period of 3 to 4 weeks. 

The toxicant dust usually sticks on the body of the sprayed termites but does not kill them instantly.

Distribution of this dust to other termites in the colony happens through trophallaxis. It is the transfer of food and other forms of fluids between insects that is usually mouth to mouth. 

This will affect the whole colony and get rid of all the termites within a short period. Dusting should be carried out with other practices if you want to eliminate all the termites completely. Carrying out this practice by itself will only do away with a single colony. 

It should be part of concerted efforts to get rid of all the termites in your compound. We can move in to carry out other preventive practices that will keep your home protected from these dangerous pests.

Foaming is another practice that can be done alongside dusting. It involves the applying of a special insecticide form to parts of your home or structure that are heavily infested with these dangerous pests. 

After the form varnishes, an insecticide will be left before termites in the affected area pick it up. Foaming is ideal for dealing with an infestation in damp areas where other materials like dust cannot be used easily. We are ready to carry out these practices in your home or compound to eliminate all the termites.

Termite Baiting

Baits are a perfect method of dealing with a termite infestation in your compound. It involves the use of different termite bait systems to attract these insects and get rid of the whole colony. We mostly use this particular method to control subterranean termites in Sydney.

How Termite Baiting Works

Baiting stations are ideal for dealing with termite colonies. These stations are usually placed in the ground around a specific structure. Pieces of wood can be used as bait to stop the termites from damaging your wooden structures as they feed on them. 

Regular monitoring is essential to establish whether the termites have already started feeding on the bait. A poisonous cellulose bait is then placed in the baiting station. 

The toxicant bait used is usually slow-acting, which makes it easy for the affected termite to distribute it to the entire colony. Other termites in the colony will feed on this edible toxicant and die after some time.

There are also baiting systems placed above the ground. Termite paths are the most targeted spots for this kind of bait. This could be on drywalls, in the middle of mud tubes, or active wood. Above ground, baiting systems should be used with other procedures for the best results in termite eradication.

Benefits of Termite Baiting Systems

Baiting systems are an environmentally-friendly method of getting rid of termites or preventing them from accessing your home. The minimal insecticide is usually used during this treatment procedure. They are ideal for places where liquid pesticides are banned. 

Examples include close to water sources. Installing termite baits is not a complicated process. You will have an easy time controlling these dangerous insects using this procedure. It is also best for eliminating a whole colony of termites. You can reach out to us for the best termite baiting systems for your home.

Nest Treatment

An easy termite treatment is treating the main source. Getting rid of the whole nest can keep your home free from these dangerous insects. Nest treatment is an ideal way of doing away with all the termite from your home. Locating the termite nest is one essential practice during this procedure.

Our team will utilize its expertise and the latest technology to find the nests in your home or compound. After identifying the nest location, we can determine the right procedure to get rid of it without posing any damage to your home or putting the life of your home occupants at risk.

 This is the right stage to consider procedures such as the use of a non-repellent liquid termiticide, which can get rid of the whole nest within a short period.

We can also go for the baiting option, which is ideal in eradicating the whole colony. Care should be observed when carrying out these procedures after locating a nest. 

Termites can relocate to a new spot where they will build a new nest if they are disturbed. Do everything with care to prevent all that from happening. Once we are done with eliminating the whole colony, we will move into your building and other surrounding structures to do away with the remaining termites. 

If we are unable to locate a termite nest, then we can opt for alternative procedures that will eliminate all the insects from your compound or a specific structure. 

A proper plan that will keep your home protected from infestation is essential once nest control is carried. Soil treatments and different monitoring programs are vital after nest elimination. We have all it takes to conduct a successful nest location in your vicinity. 

It is a procedure we can carry out within a short period. Our experts will also advise you on the necessary steps to take after locating a nest. How about you choose us for the best service.