Moving home can be extremely stressful; packing your life up and relocating to your new dream house takes a lot of time, energy and money. The last thing you want is to discover that you have a cockroach infestation hidden in the walls, or wasps in your roof. A pre-purchasing pest inspection could save you a significant amount of strife later on.

Check before you buy

Have the pest inspection carried out before buying, as you never know what kind of beasts are sneaking around. It’s entirely possible that the previous owners were completely unaware of an infestation, so it’s always best to check. If there are any creatures present in your potential new home, you will be able to either reconsider or deal with the infestation before damage is done to the house.

Don’t overpay

It is also true that conducting an inspection before buying may alter the price of the property. If the seller is aware that you may need to pay for repairs and pest removal, they will likely give you a much more generous price on your new home.

Prepare your budget

If you know there is an infestation before moving house, you can prepare financially for the cost of removal. This means you can consider this in your overall moving budget – there will be no nasty financial surprises after making yourself at home!

Know what you’re buying

Some infestations are far more difficult to get rid of than others and can exist due to the surrounding area. You should be fully aware if you are purchasing more than you can handle and if this pest problem is going to be a recurring one.

Hire a professional

You could try to do the inspection yourself, but it is very likely that you will miss important clues and signs of pests. In the long term, it will likely save you a good deal of money to hire a professional initially.

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