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Termite issues can be solved once and for all by the application of an effective termite barrier that protects your property from any white ant invasions. At Active Termite Control, we offer both physical and chemical barriers, so you get a long-term solution that keeps you protected for years to come.

For instance, physical barriers are built into your house's foundation as a termite and moisture insulating layer. Any potentially vulnerable spots like pipe entry points are also accounted for, so you completely seal your house from termites.

On the other hand, chemical barriers use potent liquid termiticides to cover your property's soil surfaces and prevent subterranean termites from finding their way into your house.

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Physical Termite Barriers

The physical variant of the termite barriers is made of interwoven mesh that can be integrated into your house’s foundation. The wide sheets of the mesh webbing are applied in a similar fashion to insulation layers, so a seal is brought in place before the slab of the house is poured.
At Active Termite Control, we ensure that there are no gaps between such sheets, so the mesh layers overlap at the corners to seal off any potential apertures. Then, all the contact points are sealed off using a reliable adhesive together with an extra layer of cloth tape, making it impossible for termites to get through.

Depending on whether your property is in its pre or post-construction phases, the physical barrier can be applied underneath the entire concrete slab of your house, or just surrounding its perimeter.

The entry points of your pipe system receive special treatment since the pipe penetration points are subject to leakage and moisture build-up. Such conditions attract termites to your property and make it more susceptible to white ant attacks.

It’s also worth mentioning that all physical termite barriers are installed by our skilled technicians who are qualified to take on large-scale construction projects. If you’re building your own house or planning to build a new section or extension for your existing house, our Active Termite Control barriers will come in handy.

Our physical barriers are built to last, so you can rest assured that your investment is in the right place. If you’re buying a new property, make sure you inquire about its anti-termite measures and whether there is a physical termite barrier installed or not.

Chemical Termite Barriers

On the other hand, chemical termite barriers are applied directly to the soil, so subterranean termites won’t burrow their way into your property. A potent termiticide is used to create a layer under the concrete foundation or around the whole perimeters of your property, including the front and back yards.

Our skilled technicians are trained to get the process done with minimal disruption to your property. They come prepared with all the tools and technologies that make the application of the chemical termite barrier a breeze.

The main advantage of chemical termite barriers is that they can be applied at any time, unlike physical barriers that need to be poured with your house’s slab itself. We always recommend the application of multiple anti-termite measures. 

So, in other words, physical and chemical barriers complement one another and add extra layers of protection to fend off your house against any termite infestations for years and years to come.

Chemical termite barriers come in different forms. There are types that kill existing termite colonies, and others are used just to repel termites away. Our Active Termite Control technicians are trained to use the best measures that suit your property.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge around the termite infestations in Sydney, we don’t just offer the best termite barriers, but also ensure that all our services are specifically tailored for the region.

Which Is Better?

As we’ve already mentioned, both barriers complement one another and boost the effectiveness of your property’s anti-termite measures. Nevertheless, each comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks.

Physical barriers are the long-term solution of the two. However, if your house’s physical termite barrier gets damaged for any reason, it’s more expensive to repair. You won’t have to worry about such hidden costs, as our Active Termite Control barriers come with warranties that ensure you get the best value for your investment.

On the other end of the spectrum, chemical barriers are more affordable to install and can be applied in the post-construction stage. Our technicians create a trench around the whole perimeter of your house to retain the potent chemical termiticide.

Such a system is easier to maintain, as flow meters can be put in place to measure the termiticide concentration, and schedule follow-up visits accordingly. Furthermore, the chemical barrier is invisible to termites, and can eventually reach the main termite colony itself, solving the problem from its roots.

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