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At Active Termite Control, we offer a wide variety of services that help you make your property an off-limits zone for termites. Thorough inspection visits, detailed reporting, and vulnerable areas detection are all integral to our termite prevention services.

Furthermore, we also offer pre-construction termite control plans to solve the problem at its roots. Why wait for your home to be at risk while you can apply anti-termite measures before the first brick of your house is laid down?

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Pre-Construction Termite Prevention

To ensure your house is built on a solid, termite-free foundation, our experts at Active Termite Control can pay the construction site a visit and do expensive soil testing to detect any underlying termite activities.
You might think a DIY application of an anti-termite insecticide can get the job done; however, it’s not as simple as that. Termites are notorious for building large colonies that span across large areas with an intricate tunnel system. That’s why you need professional help, as termite colonies are a force to reckon with.

Through our advanced termite detection tools, we can pinpoint the exact areas where the colonies are thriving and direct our termite treatment efforts specifically to such areas. In other words, you’ll be saving money on the insecticide costs, as we’ll only get the necessary load that is proportional to the termite activity in your soil.

It’s also worth mentioning that the pre-construction termite control is meant to last for years and years down the line. The goal here is to create a barrier that expands underneath your house onto which concrete, wood, and other building materials can be laid safely.

Our specialized treatment helps prevent subterranean termites from breaking through in the long term, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. We ensure our customers get the most value for their money; that’s why we also offer warranty plans on all our pre-construction termite control services.

Post-Construction Termite Prevention

On the other hand, our post-construction termite prevention services come in handy for property owners who want to avoid pricey repair bills for termite damage. Again, our industry-leading inspection strategy is key to everything we do at Active Termite Control.

Our expert inspectors come with advanced tools at their disposal to pick even the most subtle termite activity. Technologies like thermal imaging cameras and RADAR sensors allow us to minimize the need for any exploratory drilling at your house.

This shows our renowned commitment to make our termite detection services as convenient as possible, so you won’t have any reason to skip on your annual inspection visits.

A major concern that people have is the safety of the anti-termite treatments, especially for kids and pets. At Active Termite Control, all the chemicals we use are compliant with the safety guidelines of the Australian government, and you can always ask to check the certification forms if you like.

That’s not all; as all our services are also fully licensed, which means our methodology and termite control strategies are tested and approved to ensure their efficiency and safety.

What Makes My House a Termite Magnet?

In some cases, simple house maintenance efforts can make a day and night difference. You might have some under-the-hood problems attracting such annoying uninvited guests to your house. At Active Termite Control, we’ll help you detect any potentially vulnerable areas, making our termite prevention services even more comprehensive.

Wall Cracks

As long as your house is walled-off, termites might not have a portal of entry. That’s why wall and foundation cracks are a serious issue that shouldn’t be left unattended to. Once the termites find a vulnerable area in your walls, they can then eat their way through your house’s wood foundations and insulation.

Backyard Issues

As you already know, the bulk of the termites’ diet is composed of cellulose. Dead plants and trees represent a feeding ground for those tiny white ants, that’s why you need to up your gardening game and keep your backyard in a better shape.

For instance, you shouldn’t leave tree stumps to decay in your yard, as such rich cellulose stores can be the prime cause of a termite infestation.

Cluttered Basement or Attic

Cellulose is also found in cardboard and paper, so all those boxes cluttered against a wall in your basement or attic can be the next target for termites. Add moisture to the mix, and you’ve got yourself an ideal environment for termites to thrive in.

Pipe System Problems

Termites are also attracted to the moist areas surrounding broken pipes. Water leakage can lead to the formation of damp patches in walls or soil, creating the perfect conditions for termites to crash into your house.

Roof Leakage

Finally, roof leakage is another major concern that increases the risks of getting a termite infestation. Make sure your damp ceiling is attended to, and you have a reliable layer of insulation, especially while getting ready for the winter season.

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I was totally satisfied with the thorough job Nick did on our converted warehouse. I highly recommend his professional services. He is an excellent communicator and on time. Call me next year Nick!

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Very professionally service. Always on time and polite. Great knowledge and product used is efficient and safe for children. Always has been reliable, very helpful and will continue to use.Good price and Will recommend anytime!
Thank you Nick!

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Nick is an absolute professional. He completed a thorough termite inspection of our house as well as a pest treatment. We have been very happy with this service and would highly recommend this company.

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Nick is very thorough and professional and a really nice person to deal with. I highly recommend him.

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Nick is excellent, very knowledgeable, and has excellent customer service. Recommended!

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I had them treat a cockroach infestation and boy was I surprised at the results! Haven’t seen a cockroach over a year! Also I have birds and dogs (inside) and the guys were very good and ensured there safety!

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